Top Toy Gifts for Baby Girls

Top Toy Gifts for Baby Girls

Toys are perfect gifts for baby girls and if you are looking for a toy to give as a gift for a friend or family member’s baby there are many choices. Toys are not just for fun most toys helps baby to learn, discover her senses, develop new skills and learn cause and effect relationships. Good toys stimulate a baby’s senses, help baby develop motor skills, imagination, social skills and entertain the baby. A little one is keen to learn about new things, and there are lots to learn. Each item with different function, color, shape and sound is a great learning opportunity for them. Toys with bright contrasting colors and sound are favorites of babies.Here are our top toy gift ideas for baby girls.

Snuggle Pods

Snuggle Pods are great toys for little girls. Babies will love playing with their own baby doll. It is great for early development of nurturing skills.

Baby Dolls

Give the little baby girl a baby doll to love and take care of! There are many options of baby dolls for you to choose from. You must choose a soft, huggable baby doll if you are buying it for an infant or toddler girl. There are dolls that will keep the baby entertained with giggles and songs, if you have chance look for unusual ones.

Activity Books

Encourage little girl to love reading by giving her an activity book. It is never too early for a baby to learn.
This gift could offer many hours of fun for the baby and her parents. There are many different types available which can spur the baby’s interest through bright colors and cute pictures, and even with music.

Stacking and Nesting Toys

Stacking and Nesting Toys teach the baby to recognize colors, shape, size, sort and count.  They will develop baby’s matching and counting skills and help building creativity and imagination. These are great gifts for toddler girls.

Push toys

Push toys are great gifts for babies at around 9 to 12 months. Push toys give the baby a chance to exercise her new walking skills.

Musical toys and Toy Instruments

Babies are never too young for music so musical toys are another great gift idea for baby girls. All babies and toddlers need creative music play and music toys for their development.
Give her a small drum or a toy piano and watch how she enjoys. These toys also teach eye-hand coordination. So give her a chance to sing and dance!

Stuffed and Plush Toys

Every baby loves plush toys or stuffed animals. These toys come in a variety of textures, which provide a way for babies to learn through their sense of touch. These are classic toys that allow baby to use her imagination during play.

Play Gyms and Play Mats

Play gyms and mats make great baby gifts. They offer baby girl a fun time even before she is able to sit up and they encourage reaching, lifting the head and sitting up. Play gyms and mats also help the baby to learn cause and effect.

Swings and bouncers

Baby swings and bouncers are great gifts for newborns. Not only do the babies love them but parents also enjoy. Most of the models keep the baby occupied with music, things that light up and gentle bouncing.

Tips for Buying Baby Toys

If you’re buying a toy for a gift, pay close attention to the age range on the package.

Read carefully the manufacturers age recommendations for their toys’ before buying a toy for any baby.

Toy may not be appropriate for younger children because:

  • The toy may have small parts that could become a choking hazard.
  • The toy may require skills like reading, counting which babies will develop later.
  • The toy may require the baby to manipulate small parts, which can be very difficult for little ones.
  • The toy, game or puzzle may require turn-taking or physical skills like jumping, running that little babies have not mastered yet.

Baby Toy Selection According to Age

Birth to 1 year old

At this age baby learns about his environment by using all 5 senses and she also learn cause and effect.

  •  Teething toys
  •  Mobiles and safety mirrors
  •  Rattles
  •  Stacking toys
  •  Picture books
  •  Musical toys
  •  Squeeze toys
  •  Infant swings
  •  Stuffed and Plush Toys

1 to 3 years old

At this age strong curiosity in manipulating and problem solving with objects begins.

  • Push-pull toys
  • Ride-on toys
  • Small tricycles and wagons
  • Simple puzzles, shape sorters, peg boards
  • Large lacing beads
  • Blocks, stacking rings
  • Picture books, coloring books
  • Baby Dolls

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