Best Toys for Babies 2022

Best Toys for Babies 2022

Babies love toys and they do like playing with them for fun, but these colorful items are much more than that. Many of the baby toys are actually very useful and effective learning tools. Babies can develop their physical, mental, emotional and social skills through the use of the cleverly designed toys.

In fact, a development toy does not need to be super complex, even the simplest toy can be great for developing some skills if the timing is right.  So browse our selection to discover best baby toys of 2022.

Fisher-Price Toys

Fisher-Price is a company that produces best toys for infants and children, headquartered in New York since 1930 and it has been owned by Mattel since 1993. Many of the popular toys on the market are designed by Fisher price and also many of their classics are still top sellers. They also co-work with many companies to make toys based on the popular cartoon or puppet characters, which are always popular among young children. These are just a few of the reasons why Fisher-Price is the most recognizable toys company in the United States.

Lamaze Bestsellers

Lamaze is a company working with parents, babies, and experts, which offers creative and innovative toys that keep toddlers and infants excited, happy and safe. They offer very well researched toys for every stage of baby development like feeding, playing, and sleeping.  Lamaze toys are well known for their bright colors, mix of textures and built quality. Their toys are really great learning tools which stimulate every sense of a child.

Top Play Gyms

One of the greatest thing about play gyms is that babies never gets bored of them they always find different ways of playing with the various toys and noise makers on these gyms. These encourage them to continue to explore which helps them develop their imagination.
Many play gyms include toys like small mirrors, balls, mobiles and simple puzzles to improve various skills.

Best Teethers

These are small rubber toy that helps little ones with teething process which is difficult for both babies and parents. In this stage toys for teething can really help babies, they like gnawing on a soft plastic ring to their sore gums.
Many babies tempting to grab the closest toy chew it to relax but the paints and materials on most toys are not safe to put in the mouth. So a proper teething toy will be safer to use.

Top Activity Centers

Baby activity centers or baby play stations are stationary units with toy racks that entertain, educate and exercise babies.  Toys like lights, noise makers, textured cubes and mirrors help the baby to learn new things like sounds, textures, shapes, numbers and practice moving. Many seated activity centers have the ability to rotate the seat for a full 360 degree which allows babies to get lots of exercise for their legs which help to build up walking muscles.

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