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Gifts for New Parents

When a couple has their first baby they become parents and almost everything in their life changes.  To help the new family and celebrate, you can always give the basics like baby clothes feeding supplies, diapers and toys. Usually new parents expect to get useful items for their baby and nursery but they usually receive many plastic baby toys, newborn clothes in teensy sizes. So if you’re looking for a gift that really help the new mother and father, here are some ideas of wonderful gifts to newly parents and for new baby in the house.

Rocking Chair

Every baby loves the soothing sensation of being rocked. Get a classic wooden rocking chair or a modern glider or bouncer that seems to float back and forth effortlessly with soothing music.

Jogging Stroller

For any parent who enjoys a pleasant walk or a vigorous jog, a jogging stroller is a great gift. These types of baby strollers are a tight fit for both baby and parent, so while mom or dad can get outside, the baby gets a nice ride.

Date Night In

New parents of don’t have much time to dedicate to each other so a gift of a “night in” gives a couple opportunity to spend some precious time alone. You can also include gift certificates to a restaurant that delivers and the local video store, a package basket of their favorite instant drinks, a relaxing CD or a new board game for two.

Baby Monitor

New parents, especially first-time moms and dads, will appreciate a baby monitor. These are very sophisticated gadgets that enable them to listen to the baby remotely. Some models even can pick up a baby’s heartbeats and every motion. If you have some extra money to spend, you can get a video baby monitor, which gives parents the added peace of mind of seeing the baby as well as hearing her.

Video and Still Camera

New parents like to record the baby’s every day, so a video camera is a great gift for them. You can get a digital camera, some photo albums or photo frames. This is an expensive gift, especially if you want to buy a high-quality camera, so this gift for new parents is best for groups and generous grandparents.

Free Home Movies

New parents won’t be going to the movies anytime soon, so bring the movies home to them. Get then a gift certificate for video rentals.

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