Christmas Gifts for Baby Girls

Christmas Gifts for Baby Girls

Christmas times are all about indulging your little ones with exotic gifts, adorable playthings and a plethora of goodies. If you are proud parents of a chubby little girl, chances are that you would rather buy her a doll or anything that comes packaged in pink. But hey, wait, isn’t that what every other girl in the world gets for Christmas, birthdays and myriad other occasions? Go ahead and buy your ‘special princess’ one of these regal gifts and watch her glow with delight and awe.

House Learner Kit

The attractive House Learner Kit comes replete with a door chime, fridge with food that can be slid from side to side, and various other rooms. Get your little girl to explore the House and learn colors, numbers, opposites, household items, and the joy of navigating on her own. The best part about having this kit is that it is lightweight, safe and portable for your girl to carry it around the room, as she proudly flaunts it to all and sundry.

Foam Play Spot

Your girl would bask in the glory of having her own play spot in eye-catching hues and shades for her to play on. The Foam Play Spot is a great way to ensure that your girl does not scrape her knees and elbows while crawling on the ground to play with her things. With the play pen being the source of several injuries and anxiousness on the part of the parent, the foam play spot, which can easily be rolled onto the floor and back to its stow-area, is the new ‘hotspot’ indulgence for your cute baby girl.

Baby Percussion Set

Do you want to turn your tiny tot into a rock star? Get her a Baby Percussion Set replete with a pair of drums, keyboard instruments, the guitar and many other kinds of sound equipment depending on which brand you decide to invest in. Sure, turning her room into a miniature hall might be very appealing to you, as proud parents; however, you shall have the budget to think about. If you can afford the complete set, great, go for it!

Chewable Rubber Blocks

Building blocks are again, a staid common plaything in every toddler’s home. But, when you decide to gift your little girl chewable rubber blocks, you are foraying into an entirely new experience that you girl will savor and bask in for a major part of her growing years. Not only can she turn architect and build mansions, gardens and other monuments with her blocks, but also chew on them, without adverse health effects, when she feels like doing so.

Hooded Towels

Turn your baby girl’s dreaded bathing time into fun-time with the lure of letting her stay in the hooded towels you’ll gift her for Christmas. It’ll warm her during the winters and the snow as much as it’ll warm the cockles of your heart seeing the Gift from the Lord to you safe and tucked away in the tender towel hood.

There are many other gifts you can buy your baby girl for Christmas and these are only the pick of the lot. If you have a girl who’s just starting pre-school an audio alphabet reader would be a great idea, if your tot loves going outdoors, fetching her a little tricycle with side-protection wheels would be a grand gift, and so on. Come on guys, you know your girl better, so go get her a gift that she’ll cherish and grow up with, for Christmas.

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