Baby Girl Toys – Tips for Buying First Toys

Baby Girl Toys – Tips for Buying First Toys

Baby girl toys are perfect gifts for newborn and older babies. There are lots of toys that are specially designed for a girl. The ones that are made just for girls usually come in different textures and make different sounds to amuse the baby. Most of them come in pink as well as pale pastel colors. Suitable toys for the age will help the baby learn and grow. Many baby girls enjoy dolls, stuffed animals and doll houses. These toys will help the baby to improve her imagination while having fun. Educational baby toys, such as blocks, musical instruments are beneficial for mental growth and stimulation.

Tips for Buying First Toys

All babies love to play with toys and there are a few other things that make them happier. They are not only for entertaining the baby, but they also help develop motor and social skills.

The following guidelines can help you select the perfect toys for the baby girl.

Choose Age Appropriate Toys

It is important to know which toy is suitable for the baby/toddler at a given age.
Select toys that fit the baby’s level of learning.
A good toy for development will challenge the child without causing too much frustration.
Do not forget to check age labeling on the box every time you are about to buy a new baby product. Labeling is based on a baby’s physical skills, mental ability, play needs, and safety.
Toys with small parts can present choking hazards for children less than 3 years of age.

Stimulate the Senses

First toys and activities should be designed to stimulate the baby’s sensory development and help her new discover new things. Toys that have interesting colors, sounds, music, and textures help the baby explore and learn.

To foster the child’s awareness of how things happen and learn cause and effect, toys should be easy to interact with, such as a activity center or baby gym.
The baby can show no interest to a new toy that means she may not be ready for it yet. In such cases you can put the new toy away to reintroduce in the future.

Safety First

Always keep safety first place when selecting a new toy for a baby.
Look for toys that meet today’s safety standards.
Toys may not contain lead or potentially harmful pieces.
Look for toys that are sturdy, with a safe size, and will not come apart easily, which can cause a choking or cutting hazard.

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