First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

Need some great first birthday gift ideas for a baby girl then browse our ideas for your special little girl’s celebrations.

A baby’s first birthday is a very special occasion. One-year-old babies just begin walking, saying their first words, eating solid foods and playing, so there are plenty of items to give them. Educational toys, pretend play toys, practical items and clothes, make great gifts for a baby girl who is turning 1.

Here we have some ideas for you to find the best first birthday gifts for the little baby girl.

Puzzles and Interactive Toys

Puzzles and interactive toys are fun and educational gifts for a one year old baby girl. Choose plush and less complex ones that are appropriate for a one year old girl.

Pretend Play Toys

A 1-year-old girl will soon be interested in pretend play and imitate her parents. Some good ideas of pretend play toys are, dolls with a toy cradle, toy phones, toy kitchen sets or dollhouses.

Bath Toys and Bath Items

At one year old, many toddler girls begin to enjoy bathing. So you can get her a gift basket that helps her love bath time even more. Floating rubber duckies, a fluffy pink towel, organic bath sets make great gifts.


The first birthday is such an important milestone for the little girl and her parents so help parents remember it for years to come with a cute keepsake gift.

Clothes for a Little Girl

Most 1 year old girls are just learning to walk or crawling, so they stain their clothes easily, requiring frequent changes. So giving 1 year old clothes is another perfect gift idea.

Push Toys

A push toy is great for helping out with learning to walk for a girl around the age of 12 months.

Creativity Building Toys

Coloring books, toy musical instruments are great gifts for one year old babies.

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