Baby Girl Toys | How to Choose Age Appropriate Toys

With so many toys on the market it can be overwhelming to know what toys make the best first toys. New parents tend to go overboard because they want their baby to have the best of everything. Something you may want to consider is over stimulating them. Most importantly, you want to make sure the toys are age appropriate.

In the early months babies are drawn to things that are bright or high in contrast. They haven’t developed motor skills yet so they absorb everything through sight, making a crib mobile a great first toy. Also musical toys are great early on as many of them flash bright colors to go along with the music.

By 8-10 weeks rattles, soft plush toys (no beading, all stitching), and soft balls can be great. Just remember that whatever they get ahold of is going to end up in their mouths at some point.

By the age of 5 months a cloth mats with interactive elements are a great toy. It allows them to gain strength in their arms and legs to help them get ready to crawl.

Teething toys become a lifesaver around 6 months. They begin exploring everything by sticking it in their mouths. Cutting teeth is another reason they are vital at this stage in their development.

When they have control over their heads walkers can be a lot of fun. At the same point exersaucers and jumpers is fun and offer a lot of interaction with toys that aren’t going to get away from them. These are all great exercise for them as well.

When they are starting to sit up on their own push toys are great. It teaches them cause and effect as they push and pull on them. Balls and nesting (stacking) toys are wonderful as well at this stage.

Be sure to remember in your toy buying that they will all end up in the mouth. Make sure that there aren’t any choking hazards with the toys. There are 200,000 toy related injuries and around 15 deaths every year.

By the age of one year push toys are a must have. They are learning to walk and explore and a push toy can make their unstable walking a little easier. This I s also a great age for shape sorting toys. It aids in their hand eye coordination. To aid with language development a toy phone is perfect.

Around the age of two babies like to have more active play that allows them to test their skills such as jumping, throwing, and climbing. Play gym in the backyard is highly beneficial at this age. It allows them to test their abilities while having fun. Balls, puzzles, and make believe props are also great tools for their development.

Around the age of three, toddlers like interactive play with other children. They also enjoy pretending to be grown up at this stage. Dress up clothes are great for their imagination and development. Tricycles and bicycles are also a great form of exercise at this age.

There are many toys that help your child develop in a healthy way. Many toys are both educational and fun. So get out there and have a little fun with your little one.


Baby Girl Costume Ideas

Costumes aren’t only for Halloween. They are great for imaginative play. They can pretend to be anything their little heart desires with a costume. They enjoy dressing up in mom’s clothes, shoes, and makeup. However, costumes that fit them are much safer. Wearing mom’s clothes poses trip hazards, but it can still be great fun with proper supervision.

Costumes also make a great gift for any time of year. A cute little princess costume, a ballerina, or even a doctor are all great choices. Dress up is great for developing a baby’s imagination.

Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun to pick out. There are so many options available that it can be hard to choose just one. The good news is you don’t have to only choose one! Get a few different costumes at Halloween while there are a greater variety of options available. Then let the baby girl in your life play dress up year round.

Christmas is another fun time to pick out a costume. There are cute elf costumes, angels, and so much more. Have fun with it and take the little beauty out shopping in her costume. There is no end to the fun that can be had with a wide variety of costume options at home.

Even if you don’t want to have them dressed up too cutesy, they can still have a lot of fun playing dress up. They can become a doctor, nurse, scientist, mom, and so much more. The only limit is your own imagination.

Benefits of Playing Dress Up

  • Develop language skills
  • Creativity development
  • Abstract thinking skills
  • A safe way to explore the unknown
  • Develops problem-solving skills
  • Helps with social skills
  • Helps build confidence
  • Allows you to see things from someone else’s view
  • Get a better sense of their own personality

The benefits of dress up play are impressive, to say the least. So why to stick to dress up as only a Halloween or special occasion activity. There are countless benefits of dress-up play as well as role playing. It can also be used to teach children lessons. If there is something that your children are having a hard time understanding, dress up and act out a scenario for them.

There isn’t any reason why your baby girl has to play dress-up alone either. Have fun with it and get dressed up with her. If you do, be sure to take lots of photos for great keepsakes that will last a lifetime. You will never know how much those memories will be treasured when they are grown up and having.


Baby Gifts by Age

It is a natural thing that you will always buy gifts for the people you love. As a parent, there is also a need to buy gifts for your children in order to strengthen the bond that exists. Buying gifts for children represents a major challenge to many people because they do not fully understand what the children, more so girls, will desire most. To the young children, gifts are essential in that they promote the creativity of the children. Although a parent may be willing to spend money on baby gifts for girls, it is important to have a clue on the things that match the child’s age. Without having this knowledge, a gift bought on good faith may end up becoming a source of embarrassment to the parent and the child especially if the child rejects it.

Gift ideas for 1 Year Old Girls

At 1 year old, the baby’s decision making slowly starts improving developing. It is at this age that parents should spend their time to give the girl-child the best orientation. The fact that the baby should be crawling, laughing and smiling at this age means that she has the capability of differentiating between the things around them. A push toy is ideal for one-year-old children. This is because it will assist the child to feel more stable when learning to walk. The stacking toy is also a good gift because it will develop the child’s motor skills.

Gift Ideas for 2 year old girls

By the time the child is two years old, their thinking develops at a higher rate. It is important to note that the gifts they should be given should mostly be geared to help in their development. Some categories of gifts that are necessary include toys that are related to filling and spilling and those that deal with sorting and stacking. By playing with them, the child will slowly understand basic concepts on the permanence of objects. Stacking toys are better placed since the girl child will join and disjoin them easily

Gift Ideas for 3 year old girls

A 3-year-old child has a high thinking capacity in that she can differentiate what is around her. This is the time they start being selective on gifts, depending on the color and material. It is important for the parent to understand the child’s favorite color. Gifts such as clothes, shoes, food and others are necessary. Although they would have developed, parents should continue buying gifts which enhance development and differentiation.


Best Toys for Babies 2020

Babies love toys and they do like playing with them for fun, but these colorful items are much more than that. Many of the baby toys are actually very useful and effective learning tools. Babies can develop their physical, mental, emotional and social skills through the use of the cleverly designed toys.

In fact, a development toy does not need to be super complex, even the simplest toy can be great for developing some skills if the timing is right.  So browse our selection to discover best baby toys of 2020.

Fisher-Price Toys

Fisher-Price is a company that produces best toys for infants and children, headquartered in New York since 1930 and it has been owned by Mattel since 1993. Many of the popular toys on the market are designed by Fisher price and also many of their classics are still top sellers. They also co-work with many companies to make toys based on the popular cartoon or puppet characters, which are always popular among young children. These are just a few of the reasons why Fisher-Price is the most recognizable toys company in the United States.

Lamaze Bestsellers

Lamaze is a company working with parents, babies, and experts, which offers creative and innovative toys that keep toddlers and infants excited, happy and safe. They offer very well researched toys for every stage of baby development like feeding, playing, and sleeping.  Lamaze toys are well known for their bright colors, mix of textures and built quality. Their toys are really great learning tools which stimulate every sense of a child.

Top Play Gyms

One of the greatest thing about play gyms is that babies never gets bored of them they always find different ways of playing with the various toys and noise makers on these gyms. These encourage them to continue to explore which helps them develop their imagination.
Many play gyms include toys like small mirrors, balls, mobiles and simple puzzles to improve various skills.

Best Teethers

These are small rubber toy that helps little ones with teething process which is difficult for both babies and parents. In this stage toys for teething can really help babies, they like gnawing on a soft plastic ring to their sore gums.
Many babies tempting to grab the closest toy chew it to relax but the paints and materials on most toys are not safe to put in the mouth. So a proper teething toy will be safer to use.

Top Activity Centers

Baby activity centers or baby play stations are stationary units with toy racks that entertain, educate and exercise babies.  Toys like lights, noise makers, textured cubes and mirrors help the baby to learn new things like sounds, textures, shapes, numbers and practice moving. Many seated activity centers have the ability to rotate the seat for a full 360 degree which allows babies to get lots of exercise for their legs which help to build up walking muscles.


Baby Girl Toys – Tips for Buying First Toys

Baby girl toys are perfect gifts for newborn and older babies. There are lots of toys that are specially designed for a girl. The ones that are made just for girls usually come in different textures and make different sounds to amuse the baby. Most of them come in pink as well as pale pastel colors. Suitable toys for the age will help the baby learn and grow. Many baby girls enjoy dolls, stuffed animals and doll houses. These toys will help the baby to improve her imagination while having fun. Educational baby toys, such as blocks, musical instruments are beneficial for mental growth and stimulation.

Tips for Buying First Toys

All babies love to play with toys and there are a few other things that make them happier. They are not only for entertaining the baby, but they also help develop motor and social skills.

The following guidelines can help you select the perfect toys for the baby girl.

Choose Age Appropriate Toys

It is important to know which toy is suitable for the baby/toddler at a given age.
Select toys that fit the baby’s level of learning.
A good toy for development will challenge the child without causing too much frustration.
Do not forget to check age labeling on the box every time you are about to buy a new baby product. Labeling is based on a baby’s physical skills, mental ability, play needs, and safety.
Toys with small parts can present choking hazards for children less than 3 years of age.

Stimulate the Senses

First toys and activities should be designed to stimulate the baby’s sensory development and help her new discover new things. Toys that have interesting colors, sounds, music, and textures help the baby explore and learn.

To foster the child’s awareness of how things happen and learn cause and effect, toys should be easy to interact with, such as a activity center or baby gym.
The baby can show no interest to a new toy that means she may not be ready for it yet. In such cases you can put the new toy away to reintroduce in the future.

Safety First

Always keep safety first place when selecting a new toy for a baby.
Look for toys that meet today’s safety standards.
Toys may not contain lead or potentially harmful pieces.
Look for toys that are sturdy, with a safe size, and will not come apart easily, which can cause a choking or cutting hazard.


Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

Baby’s first Christmas is always memorable and a time to enjoy with the family and a once in a lifetime opportunity to give them a keepsake or treasured Christmas gift,  that they can cherish for years to come.  So trying to find what to give for a baby girl’s first Christmas?

Here are some ideas for you.

Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

Dressing up a little one in an adorable Christmas outfit is something that many new parents look forward to.

A Christmas costume can be a great gift for a baby’s 1st Christmas. Dressing their baby in a Christmas costume will be a special moment for her parents. Many online companies sell holiday themed onesis that are personalized with baby’s name, custom  Christmas t-shirts and full baby’s first Christmas clothing ensembles complete with a red and white Santa’s hat.

A good idea would to give a Mrs. Claus outfit which she would look adorable in her little outfit.

Little Angel Costume

Your little angel will look so adorable in a little angel costume with wings, and everyone will look her to see how cute she is.

Snowman Costume for Babies

A unique gift for a baby girl’s first Christmas gift would be a snowman costume. It will make great pictures of your little darling such wonderful memories for years to come. The costume, usually based on a white suit, adorned with large black buttons.

Funny Costume Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

Here are some funny and cute baby Christmas outfits.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Giving baby a stocking embroidered with his or her name is a great keepsake that they can cherish for years and years! You can buy colorful stockings and personalize them with some little touch.

There are lots more ideas that you can choose as gifts that don’t necessarily have to have a Christmas theme. You can choose things such as gift basket, toys,  a keepsake box or a personalized picture for the First Christmas of the little one .


Baby Toys for Development

If you never buy a gift for a baby before, it can be hard to choose the perfect gift for a baby girl. Instead of buying pink clothes which the baby girl will only use for a short while, you can buy an educational toy. These lovely toys combine fun and entertainment with education.

The following toys will allow her to develop some new skills, such as imaginative play, creativity and motor skills.  So, read on for some of our great baby gift recommendations.

Building and Blocks Toys

Simple building blocks are great gifts for pre-toddlers. These are great for exercising fine motor skills and developing problem-solving skills.

Push Toys That Encourage Walking

Push toys give the little one a chance to exercise her walking skills. These are great gifts for 9-12 month old babies.

Gifts for Baby That Build Imagination

Consider buying toys that stimulates and build imagination. Baby toys that are open-ended encourage imaginative play and help develop mental aptitude.  Open-ended baby toys encourage baby to create a new identity for it each time she plays, helping improve her imagination.

Big People Gifts for Babies

One year old babies will start to imitate their parents.  So a great gift idea for one year old baby is buying toy versions of everyday items. So she can imitate her parents.


Baby Play Gyms and Baby Play Mats

Baby Play Gyms and Mats are amazing gifts for babies and parents! They are usually given to babies as a shower gift. What makes them perfect toys for babies is they maximize their curiosity by moving their heads, hands and body to play with it. These products also make baby’s hand to eye coordination develop faster. There are many types of baby play mats and baby gyms that are being sold at online stores but it is best to learn about them and decide which to buy.

Baby Gyms and Why to Use Them

Baby play gyms offer opportunities for developing visual, auditory and sensory skills of your baby from day to day.
Babies can be placed on the tummies for tummy time and look at all the toys, shapes and textured items on the play mat.
On the other hand, newborns can lie on their backs and look up and try to grab all the cute toys or look in the mirror.

Baby gyms are also great for toddlers; they can play with the toys, and exercise their legs and arms. They also encourage babies to explore the new ways of using the toys which is a great way of learning.

Baby Play Mats

If you need something that will keep your baby busy another option is baby play mats? Like ply gyms, play mats are also great learning tools for your infant or toddler.
Baby Play Mats are great for making a corner of nursery a safe, warm, cushioned environment for your little one to play, explore and learn. The difference between a play mat and play gym is that;
a play mat is large soft and fluffy rug with a colorful theme and usually with textured areas to make exploring and crawling more fun. On the other hand a play gym has loops crossing over the play mat with lots of toys hanging.


Baby Dolls for Girls

Most little girls love to play with baby dolls therefore they are perfect gifts for almost any baby girl. You can find many different baby dolls in all shapes and sizes. Some cry, others wet their diapers and some drink water from a bottle.

Here is our selection of the best baby dolls for girls!

Baby Doll Buying Tips

Baby dolls are great gifts for baby girls and you can even gift a baby doll to an infant girl.  However these cute toys for infants and babies, must be selected carefully.

Like other toys for small children, when selecting a baby doll  you must consider some important points.

should be large, soft and plush. There are a variety of these types of dolls to choose from; many of them are designed more like stuffed animals than baby dolls that older girls might play with.
Here are some tips you must know before buying a baby doll for a infant/toddler girl.

  • Choose a baby doll with no small parts, accessories that can be removed, such as buttons, eyeballs or toy baby pacifiers.
  • Choose a large, soft, plush and huggable baby doll for the infant or toddler.
  • If you buying a baby doll for a toddler girl  give her a baby doll that acts like a baby and  choose one  with realistic features.
  • Look for a doll that will keep the child entertained with music, sound and giggles.
  • Look if the doll has  the needed accessories are already included in the box.
  • If you want to give a great gift look for unusual baby dolls with unusual features.
  • Read labels to make sure the doll  is appropriate for the child’s age. Toys that are to sophisticated for the baby’s age may frustrate her.

Baby Girl Costumes

Are you looking for a baby girl gift idea that’s just cute? Okay, we all know that parents love to dress up their little girls to look either adorable or perhaps a bit funny or scary for holidays (Christmas and Halloween). Those little baby girls can look so cute in little baby costumes  that parents just can’t help themselves.

Here are some absolutely cute and unique baby girl costumes that will be sure to inspire you and help you find the perfect one for the baby girl!

Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Costume

If you want to buy a costume for a baby who will celebrate Christmas or Halloween, here are some important tips for you.

Costume Materials and Accessories

When choosing a baby costume the first most important thing is the material. The material of the costume must be flame resistant.
Babies’ skin is far more sensitive than adults so look for materials like cotton that is gentle on the babies’ skin. Make sure the material is nontoxic and FDA approved for babies.
Look over the costume carefully for any piece of clothing, strings, buttons or accessories before buying/giving to make sure the costume is safe for the baby.

The Costume Should Be Weather Appropriate

If it will be hot during celebration don not buy a furry animal costume. Of course, if it is winter and the weather is cold, a very thin costume will also be a bad choice.

If you are not sure about the weather the best thing is to select a costume loose enough so she can wear clothing underneath if needed.


  • Do not buy a costume with lots of accessories.
  • Do not buy any costume that requires an accessory to be tied around the neck will cause a strangulation risk for the baby.

Other Tips

  • The baby should be comfortable in the costume.
  • Make sure that there are no sharp parts to the costume or accessories.
  • Make sure that the costume does not prevent the baby to see around.
  • Make sure the costume is well designed with easy access for the parent.