Baby Crib Mobiles

Baby Crib Mobiles

Baby mobiles are on of the items that many parents like to have when preparing for the arrival of a new baby. It is not maybe one of the essential items, but a baby crib mobile will be the first toy of the baby and is one of the items that makes the nursery complete.
Relaxation and educational benefits are the main reasons that parents decide to use nursery mobiles. When it is nap time, you will find that a baby mobile will be your best friend. Turn the mobile on, walk away, and watch for your baby to fall asleep while looking it with excitement.

The right baby crib mobile will visually stimulate your baby while help her fall asleep. So finding a mobile that consists of fun shapes and bright colors is one of the best ways to make this happen. A good crib mobile can also help improve baby’s motor skills, i.e. hand and eye coordination. Other than these, there are baby mobiles with music which can also stimulate the baby’s hearing.

Safety is one of the most important things to consider about baby mobiles like with all baby items. Always make sure that the mobile stays out of the reach of your baby. If your baby can reach to the mobile, he or she will be at risk of injury and many other hazards. For example, the strings that are attached to the baby mobile can cause strangulation hazard.
Baby crib mobiles are one of the most essential items that can be found in a nursery and when safely used they can offer many developmental and educational benefits.

Choosing a Baby Mobile

There are many different crib mobiles available for you to buy, but to find the one which is most suitable for your baby, there are some important things to consider before buying a baby mobile.

Visual Stimulation

One of the main benefits of baby crib mobiles is that they will help the baby with enhancement to his/her vision. Black and white tend to be the most stimulating colors for newborns, but after a while babies will benefit from other bright colors. So try to find one that contains many different colors.

Excitement and Motor Skills

Baby mobile designs also help the baby develop motor skills. However,  not all mobile out there provides this. Choose ones with fun shapes which will appeal baby and help her develop fine motor skills. One of the factors that make a baby crib mobile is the movement. Most baby mobiles move horizontally and there are some few that also move vertically. Mobiles that move in multi directions will be more exciting for your little one. When babies become excited enough, they are likely to want to follow it with their eyes and probably want to touch the baby mobile which helps eye-hand coordination.


Baby mobiles for crib also improve hearing and soothe the baby. Soft music or a lullaby will make the baby feel relaxed when listening to the baby crib mobile and help her fall asleep. Avoid crib mobiles with loud sound and low quality speakers.

Educational Benefits

Parents can use the mobile to help the baby learn new words such as colors and shapes and name of the animals. So choose a mobile which contains many different shapes and items.

Nursery Theme

You should take the theme of your baby’s nursery into consideration when choosing a baby crib mobile so it will fit in with the overall décor. There are many crib mobiles out there so you can find one that complements the theme of your nursery.

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