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Baby Girl Essentials

This section offers baby essentials that every newborn baby girl needs.  Here you can find baby girl gifts such as bib gift sets, feeding sets,  baby clothes, as well as blanket and bath baby things and more.

If you want a gift that is really practical for the parents, leave large and expensive items such as furniture, baby monitors or strollers to the parents, it is best they choose such big and important items themselves. Best gifts that you can’t go wrong with are essential baby items that every new mom needs.

Here are some essential baby gifts that make perfect gifts. We group it in two categories: newborn baby essential gifts  and gift items that can be used long-term.

Newborn Baby Essentials

  • Bibs, feeding sets,  layette sets and onesies: Parents can never have enough of these items, which come in a variety of colors and textures. New parents soon will find out that their baby girl wears more sleepers and onesies than they thought.
  • Muslin wraps, swaddling blankets or baby blankets in pink for girls.
  • Diapers, nappies or bottles: Every baby is going to need these items and especially in the beginning a baby will need a lot of diapers.

Long-term Baby Essentials

  • Baby books and photo albums: These are classic gifts and parents like to record the important milestones in their baby’s life, so a picture frame will make a perfect gift.
  • Nappy bag: Most moms need a high-quality nappy bag to be able to leave the house and have everything they need for their baby.
  • Parenting books: You can gift a parenting book or a parenting magazine subscription.

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