Baby Gifts by Age

Baby Gifts by Age

It is a natural thing that you will always buy gifts for the people you love. As a parent, there is also a need to buy gifts for your children in order to strengthen the bond that exists. Buying gifts for children represents a major challenge to many people because they do not fully understand what the children, more so girls, will desire most. To the young children, gifts are essential in that they promote the creativity of the children. Although a parent may be willing to spend money on baby gifts for girls, it is important to have a clue on the things that match the child’s age. Without having this knowledge, a gift bought on good faith may end up becoming a source of embarrassment to the parent and the child especially if the child rejects it.

Gift ideas for 1 Year Old Girls

At 1 year old, the baby’s decision making slowly starts improving developing. It is at this age that parents should spend their time to give the girl-child the best orientation. The fact that the baby should be crawling, laughing and smiling at this age means that she has the capability of differentiating between the things around them. A push toy is ideal for one-year-old children. This is because it will assist the child to feel more stable when learning to walk. The stacking toy is also a good gift because it will develop the child’s motor skills.

Gift Ideas for 2 year old girls

By the time the child is two years old, their thinking develops at a higher rate. It is important to note that the gifts they should be given should mostly be geared to help in their development. Some categories of gifts that are necessary include toys that are related to filling and spilling and those that deal with sorting and stacking. By playing with them, the child will slowly understand basic concepts on the permanence of objects. Stacking toys are better placed since the girl child will join and disjoin them easily

Gift Ideas for 3 year old girls

A 3-year-old child has a high thinking capacity in that she can differentiate what is around her. This is the time they start being selective on gifts, depending on the color and material. It is important for the parent to understand the child’s favorite color. Gifts such as clothes, shoes, food and others are necessary. Although they would have developed, parents should continue buying gifts which enhance development and differentiation.

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