Baby Play Gyms and Baby Play Mats

Baby Play Gyms and Mats are amazing gifts for babies and parents! They are usually given to babies as a shower gift. What makes them perfect toys for babies is they maximize their curiosity by moving their heads, hands and body to play with it. These products also make baby’s hand to eye coordination develop faster. There are many types of baby play mats and baby gyms that are being sold at online stores but it is best to learn about them and decide which to buy.

Baby Gyms and Why to Use Them

Baby play gyms offer opportunities for developing visual, auditory and sensory skills of your baby from day to day.
Babies can be placed on the tummies for tummy time and look at all the toys, shapes and textured items on the play mat.
On the other hand, newborns can lie on their backs and look up and try to grab all the cute toys or look in the mirror.

Baby gyms are also great for toddlers; they can play with the toys, and exercise their legs and arms. They also encourage babies to explore the new ways of using the toys which is a great way of learning.

Baby Play Mats

If you need something that will keep your baby busy another option is baby play mats? Like ply gyms, play mats are also great learning tools for your infant or toddler.
Baby Play Mats are great for making a corner of nursery a safe, warm, cushioned environment for your little one to play, explore and learn. The difference between a play mat and play gym is that;
a play mat is large soft and fluffy rug with a colorful theme and usually with textured areas to make exploring and crawling more fun. On the other hand a play gym has loops crossing over the play mat with lots of toys hanging.

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