Baby Toys for Development

If you never buy a gift for a baby before, it can be hard to choose the perfect gift for a baby girl. Instead of buying pink clothes which the baby girl will only use for a short while, you can buy an educational toy. These lovely toys combine fun and entertainment with education.

The following toys will allow her to develop some new skills, such as imaginative play, creativity and motor skills.  So, read on for some of our great baby gift recommendations.

Building and Blocks Toys

Simple building blocks are great gifts for pre-toddlers. These are great for exercising fine motor skills and developing problem-solving skills.

Push Toys That Encourage Walking

Push toys give the little one a chance to exercise her walking skills. These are great gifts for 9-12 month old babies.

Gifts for Baby That Build Imagination

Consider buying toys that stimulates and build imagination. Baby toys that are open-ended encourage imaginative play and help develop mental aptitude.  Open-ended baby toys encourage baby to create a new identity for it each time she plays, helping improve her imagination.

Big People Gifts for Babies

One year old babies will start to imitate their parents.  So a great gift idea for one year old baby is buying toy versions of everyday items. So she can imitate her parents.

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