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Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls | Imaginative Ones

Whether you are looking for the perfect gifts for 1 year old girls or boys, we have some great ideas for you.
A child of one is very imaginative.  Your toddler is learning about her world and developing new skills every day.  She loves to play peek-a-boo.  She laughs when you sing itsy-bitsy spider and tries to do the motions with you.  She is experimenting with her environment.  She thinks she is a big girl and is constantly mimicking the adults around her: pushing her toy lawn mower when Daddy cuts the grass or calling Grandma with her toy phone like Mommy on her cell phone.   She loves pretend games.
At one a child may be standing up holding onto the furniture.  She may even be walking on her own.  She starts out jabbering and soon is saying “Dada” and “Mama”.  She understands more words than she can say.  She waves goodbye and loves to play patty-cake.   She takes her doll, bear, or blanket everywhere with her.  Everything goes into her mouth at this age, so make sure there are no small pieces on any of her toys.  They could become a choking hazard.

Here are some ideas of great gifts for 1 year olds (Click pictures to see them at

Soft Doll or Stuffed Animal

This can be her best friend and she will take it everywhere.  A soft cloth doll or bear is better than hard plastic.  Make sure there are no eyes, noses, or other pieces that could come off.   Children love to dress and undress their dolls.  She may even try to feed it or give it a bath, so it is best if her new friend is washable.


Building blocks (wooden or brightly colored plastic) are a great way to develop your child’s motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  Show her how to build a tall tower and then laugh together when you knock them down again.  She will love it and will do it over and over again.  Blocks with colors or numbers can also be used to teach these skills.  Be sure that there are no sharp corners or small pieces.

Nesting and Stacking Toys

A 1 year old child can be fascinated by stacking empty containers or playing with bowls that nest inside each other, as many mothers can attest having entertained their toddler with the household plastic food storage containers or measuring cups.  Nesting toys are great gifts for 1 year olds.   Look for a nesting toy that is sturdily constructed and has bright colors or patterns.  This kind of toy can be used to teach the concepts of “inside”, “outside”, and “on top”.

Push or Riding Toys

Another group of good gifts for 1 year olds are push toys.  Your baby is just learning to walk and will love pushing a child-sized plastic grocery cart with plastic foods or the old-time favorite corn popper around the house.  It will give extra support as she practices her walking skills.
One year olds also love riding and bouncing toys.  Pick a small riding car for him or a bouncing pony for her.  Make sure it is not too wide or tall for your child’s legs.

Toy Phones

Toy phones are great for the imaginative 1 year old.  Watch when every time you talk on the phone, your toddler will pretend to talk on hers too.  When your child picks up her phone, get yours too and have a pretend conversation. Your child will love it and she is gaining verbal skills as well.

Feeding Supplies

1-year-olds can now eat finger foods and solids. They will feel like big girls and boys with their own set of Sippy-cups, bowls, and spoons.  Choose a colorful set decorated with cartoon characters and make sure that they are non-breakable.

Shape Sorters

Shape Sorters are a fun way to teach a child about shapes and matching.  Getting the right shape through the matching hole is a great accomplishment for kids.  It teaches them problem-solving skills while having an enjoyable time.

Noisemaker Toys

Toddlers love to dance and move to the music.  They love to make noise.  If you want to make a 1-year-old happy, give her any toy that plays music, beeps, or bangs.  Many electronic and expensive toys are available.  Or you can go the simple way instead — give her a small drum or a tambourine and watch the fun.  Another good idea is a CD or Video of children’s songs.

Savings Bond

Investing in a savings bond is a good and practical gift that will provide a child with a tidy sum when she is older.  A Christmas or birthday gift of a savings bond will be appreciated by the child and her parents even more when it is time for college.

Bath Toys

Bath time is fun time. There are many great gifts for 1 year old girls and boys for the toddler’s bath time.   Find terrycloth animal bath mitts or wash cloths and soap shaped like fish.  Rubber ducky and floating boats will make your child love the tub.   A little girl will get extra clean while she washes her bath time doll’s hair.


Kids love books and they love for you to read them a story.   Choose board books that will last, with bright colors.  Books with parts that can be felt or touched such as “Pat the Bunny” by Dorothy Kunhardt are a good choice.  Children like stories with funny repetitive words such as “Go Dog Go” or “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss.  At 1 year old she can turn the pages of a book herself and will try to read to herself stories that you have already read to her.


Large chunky wooden puzzles with only a few pieces are perfect gifts for 1 year olds.  Some have handles on each piece so that little hands can put them in place.  Puzzles with animals, colors, or shapes are good teaching tools because you can repeat the name of the object as the child puts in the puzzle piece.   Or say “Find the dog (cat, cow, etc.)” and your child can find the correct piece.

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