Baby Girl Gift Sets

There is one universal rule when it comes to buying a baby girl a gift set – look for pink. As long as you have pink hues generously splashed all over the product, it does not matter what you buy her – dresses, purses, soft toys, bunnies, booties, and other playthings.

Buying your baby girl a gift set is a great way to show your love and affection; you could go a step ahead and buy something for the baby girl and her Mommy to show how much you care for both of them. While there are myriad items on the rack at various Department Stores that qualify as ‘good gifts’, putting a little effort and extra money will get you exotic gift baskets that are sure to brings smiles all around. Take a look at some gourmet gift set ideas for baby girls that are evergreen always.

Ideas for Baby Girl Gift Sets

Baby Bottle Gift Sets

Buying milk bottles, feeding bowls, and baby napkins, aka a complete meal set will be a gesture the mommy will appreciate. You can go in for floral themes, candy floss designs, and beautiful prints to make the set look trendy. This will be a thoughtful gift that will have scads of value attached by the new parents of the beautiful baby girl.

Baby Cuddle Blanket Gift Sets

Everyone loves blankets to cuddle in and hug as they make themselves warm on chilly winter nights. Your baby girl would love to have a bunny blanket with a hood that she can play with and clasp tightly as she drifts into sound slumber on snowy nights. This is a gift that will be useful, practical, and very considerate on your part.

Baby Girl Ice Pack Gift Sets

As the little adorable girl takes her first tiny steps into the big world, there will be instances where she’ll stumble, fall, and injure herself. Soon, as her hands get covered with little pink bruises, and she screams the roof down, you can attempt to soothe her with handy items from the ice pack baby gift set you just brought for her.

Baby Star Crib Bedding Gift Sets

Having her own star crib bedding will be something that your baby girl will adore. Instead of splurging on cookies and chocolates, make sure you save enough money and buy her exotic bedding replete with duvets, comfortable feather light pillows and a Star print that transports her into fantasy land.

Personalized Baby Album and Photo Frame Sets

While this can safely be called the ‘most gifted item on the planet’, you cannot go wrong with a fabulous frame and a personalized message carved on it. Apart from being handy to store the baby girl’s pictures of growing up, these can also be used to spruce up her nursery décor and ambiance.

Barbie Doll Gift Sets with Extra Dresses to Change Over

There is nothing more than a baby girl would like than having her own Barbie to dress up with various dresses and do her hair. One of the best friends any girl can have, Barbie is a must during her toddler days.
There are many more baby girl gift sets for you to choose from, at stores, online shopping portals, and other places. Put a little thought into what you’re buying, make sure there is pink sprinkled generously over the goods, and you’ve got a winner in your hands.


Baby Girl Gift Baskets

Welcoming a female bundle of joy is always a merry occasion, and what better than gifting the proud parents, a pretty baby girl gift basket, in multiple shades of pink? Not only is the idea unique and thoughtful, it can also be practically useful and save the new daddy a lot of shopping trips, depending on which gift basket you choose to present the tiny tot.

Baby Girl Gift Basket Ideas

You can either shop for a baby girl gift basket at several Departmental Stores and Kid Malls, available in exquisite varieties, or design your own gourmet gift basket with things that the baby girl might probably need. Putting up a personalized gift basket is a lot of hard work, but in the end, the gesture is appreciated and you’ll be happy to have gifted something of value, instead of sending across clichéd gifts like flowers, cookies, and baby girl apparel.
Do you want help in putting up your own gift basket? Read on for unique and exotic baby girl gift basket ideas.

Simple Cute Baby Girl Gift Baskets

A simple basket can be presented if the girl is barely a few months old. The basket has to be done in pink, without exception, for it to look trendy and adorable. You can put diapers, baby socks, little towels, toiletries, baby oil, a tiny comb, a woven sweater, booties, a rubber ducky, and maybe a cute dress with a hood, into the basket. The basket can be elegantly decorated with ribbons, netted cloth, and a personalized message for the baby (that she can read later when she grows up) and the proud parents.

Exotic Baby Girl Gift Baskets With Toys

You’d want to show how much you love your little girl by gifting her, a baby girl basket replete with toys, stuffed dolls, and playthings. Include all kinds of toys for her to play with. You can put in cute cuddly panda bears, building blocks, rattles for her curious hands to be busy, Disney Princess toys, animal toys, Kitchen Sets to bring out the homemaker in her, and maybe a few Ninjas too. Do not forget to include the Barbie.

Gourmet Baby Girl Educational Gift Baskets

For girls between two to four years of age, you can include gifts like a slate with magic pens, the alphabet and number reader, audio CDs, a touch screen language learner, and a few drawing books. Educational toys are great learning tools for a child. Try accommodating a few edutainment toys in the baby girl basket too.

Haute Couture Baby Girl Gift Baskets

A baby girl aged three and above will know and appreciate the importance of coordinated clothes, accessories and pretty pink purses. Gift her beautiful baby girl gift baskets with trendy apparel and watch her face glow as she tries out various nail-colors, and struts about in her suave flip-flops. You can include designer wear, hair bands, cute clips, and trendy footwear to complete the gift basket.
Sure enough, baby girl gift baskets are great ways to show new parents that you care for their baby bundle of joy. Go ahead, take the time to figure out which kind of basket you’d prefer gifting and start assorting items to include in them. Be sure to have them color coordinated.


Baby Girl Essentials

This section offers baby essentials that every newborn baby girl needs.  Here you can find baby girl gifts such as bib gift sets, feeding sets,  baby clothes, as well as blanket and bath baby things and more.

If you want a gift that is really practical for the parents, leave large and expensive items such as furniture, baby monitors or strollers to the parents, it is best they choose such big and important items themselves. Best gifts that you can’t go wrong with are essential baby items that every new mom needs.

Here are some essential baby gifts that make perfect gifts. We group it in two categories: newborn baby essential gifts  and gift items that can be used long-term.

Newborn Baby Essentials

  • Bibs, feeding sets,  layette sets and onesies: Parents can never have enough of these items, which come in a variety of colors and textures. New parents soon will find out that their baby girl wears more sleepers and onesies than they thought.
  • Muslin wraps, swaddling blankets or baby blankets in pink for girls.
  • Diapers, nappies or bottles: Every baby is going to need these items and especially in the beginning a baby will need a lot of diapers.

Long-term Baby Essentials

  • Baby books and photo albums: These are classic gifts and parents like to record the important milestones in their baby’s life, so a picture frame will make a perfect gift.
  • Nappy bag: Most moms need a high-quality nappy bag to be able to leave the house and have everything they need for their baby.
  • Parenting books: You can gift a parenting book or a parenting magazine subscription.

Keepsake Gifts for Baby Girl

Here you can find a list of baby girl keepsakes collection.  From gorgeous  photo frames to adorable  decorative items  our keepsake gift selections for baby girls are great christening presents or newborn baby gifts for new parents you know.


Gifts for New Parents

When a couple has their first baby they become parents and almost everything in their life changes.  To help the new family and celebrate, you can always give the basics like baby clothes feeding supplies, diapers and toys. Usually new parents expect to get useful items for their baby and nursery but they usually receive many plastic baby toys, newborn clothes in teensy sizes. So if you’re looking for a gift that really help the new mother and father, here are some ideas of wonderful gifts to newly parents and for new baby in the house.

Rocking Chair

Every baby loves the soothing sensation of being rocked. Get a classic wooden rocking chair or a modern glider or bouncer that seems to float back and forth effortlessly with soothing music.

Jogging Stroller

For any parent who enjoys a pleasant walk or a vigorous jog, a jogging stroller is a great gift. These types of baby strollers are a tight fit for both baby and parent, so while mom or dad can get outside, the baby gets a nice ride.

Date Night In

New parents of don’t have much time to dedicate to each other so a gift of a “night in” gives a couple opportunity to spend some precious time alone. You can also include gift certificates to a restaurant that delivers and the local video store, a package basket of their favorite instant drinks, a relaxing CD or a new board game for two.

Baby Monitor

New parents, especially first-time moms and dads, will appreciate a baby monitor. These are very sophisticated gadgets that enable them to listen to the baby remotely. Some models even can pick up a baby’s heartbeats and every motion. If you have some extra money to spend, you can get a video baby monitor, which gives parents the added peace of mind of seeing the baby as well as hearing her.

Video and Still Camera

New parents like to record the baby’s every day, so a video camera is a great gift for them. You can get a digital camera, some photo albums or photo frames. This is an expensive gift, especially if you want to buy a high-quality camera, so this gift for new parents is best for groups and generous grandparents.

Free Home Movies

New parents won’t be going to the movies anytime soon, so bring the movies home to them. Get then a gift certificate for video rentals.


Cute Baby Girl Dresses

We all want our babies to be adorable and cute but it is also important to keep them comfortable in their nice baby dresses.

In fact, all clothing for babies appear adorable and cute but if you want your baby to be happy in those cute dresses you have to make sure that they must provide comfort and ease of use in emergency situations. For example, it is important to keep in mind that the baby clothing neckline is neither too loose nor too tight. This is so because there are many designs with tight necklines thereby making it difficult to breathe for the baby. These dresses are also hard to put on and take off which really irritates the baby.

Here are some cute baby girl clothes which are fashionable designs that are stylishly adorable for the little princesses.


Best Baby Bottles

There are dozens of baby bottle brands and models to choose from with various venting systems, insulation technology, and claims to be closest to breastfeeding. Here we investigate many of them to find the best baby bottle and here are the ones that came out on top according to parents.

1. Safety: Firstly it is important that the bottle is BPA-free. Fortunately, lots of baby bottles on the market are BPA-free, but not all so be careful. BPA, which is also known as bisphenol A, has been linked to several negative health effects in humans.

2. Functionality: Before buying a baby bottle, think about how you’ll be using it. If you plan to both  breast feed and bottle feed your baby choose a bottle with a nipple that mimics the breast. If you worry about gas, look for a bottle with a good venting system.

3. Durability: Your baby will be feeding from a bottle several times in a day for several months, so you want to choose bottles that will last long enough without any problem. Search for bottles that are made from a thick BPA-free plastic or glass. Also be sure that the bottle is dishwasher safe.


Baby Crib Mobiles

Baby mobiles are on of the items that many parents like to have when preparing for the arrival of a new baby. It is not maybe one of the essential items, but a baby crib mobile will be the first toy of the baby and is one of the items that makes the nursery complete.
Relaxation and educational benefits are the main reasons that parents decide to use nursery mobiles. When it is nap time, you will find that a baby mobile will be your best friend. Turn the mobile on, walk away, and watch for your baby to fall asleep while looking it with excitement.

The right baby crib mobile will visually stimulate your baby while help her fall asleep. So finding a mobile that consists of fun shapes and bright colors is one of the best ways to make this happen. A good crib mobile can also help improve baby’s motor skills, i.e. hand and eye coordination. Other than these, there are baby mobiles with music which can also stimulate the baby’s hearing.

Safety is one of the most important things to consider about baby mobiles like with all baby items. Always make sure that the mobile stays out of the reach of your baby. If your baby can reach to the mobile, he or she will be at risk of injury and many other hazards. For example, the strings that are attached to the baby mobile can cause strangulation hazard.
Baby crib mobiles are one of the most essential items that can be found in a nursery and when safely used they can offer many developmental and educational benefits.

Choosing a Baby Mobile

There are many different crib mobiles available for you to buy, but to find the one which is most suitable for your baby, there are some important things to consider before buying a baby mobile.

Visual Stimulation

One of the main benefits of baby crib mobiles is that they will help the baby with enhancement to his/her vision. Black and white tend to be the most stimulating colors for newborns, but after a while babies will benefit from other bright colors. So try to find one that contains many different colors.

Excitement and Motor Skills

Baby mobile designs also help the baby develop motor skills. However,  not all mobile out there provides this. Choose ones with fun shapes which will appeal baby and help her develop fine motor skills. One of the factors that make a baby crib mobile is the movement. Most baby mobiles move horizontally and there are some few that also move vertically. Mobiles that move in multi directions will be more exciting for your little one. When babies become excited enough, they are likely to want to follow it with their eyes and probably want to touch the baby mobile which helps eye-hand coordination.


Baby mobiles for crib also improve hearing and soothe the baby. Soft music or a lullaby will make the baby feel relaxed when listening to the baby crib mobile and help her fall asleep. Avoid crib mobiles with loud sound and low quality speakers.

Educational Benefits

Parents can use the mobile to help the baby learn new words such as colors and shapes and name of the animals. So choose a mobile which contains many different shapes and items.

Nursery Theme

You should take the theme of your baby’s nursery into consideration when choosing a baby crib mobile so it will fit in with the overall décor. There are many crib mobiles out there so you can find one that complements the theme of your nursery.


Christmas Gifts for Baby Girls

Christmas times are all about indulging your little ones with exotic gifts, adorable playthings and a plethora of goodies. If you are proud parents of a chubby little girl, chances are that you would rather buy her a doll or anything that comes packaged in pink. But hey, wait, isn’t that what every other girl in the world gets for Christmas, birthdays and myriad other occasions? Go ahead and buy your ‘special princess’ one of these regal gifts and watch her glow with delight and awe.

House Learner Kit

The attractive House Learner Kit comes replete with a door chime, fridge with food that can be slid from side to side, and various other rooms. Get your little girl to explore the House and learn colors, numbers, opposites, household items, and the joy of navigating on her own. The best part about having this kit is that it is lightweight, safe and portable for your girl to carry it around the room, as she proudly flaunts it to all and sundry.

Foam Play Spot

Your girl would bask in the glory of having her own play spot in eye-catching hues and shades for her to play on. The Foam Play Spot is a great way to ensure that your girl does not scrape her knees and elbows while crawling on the ground to play with her things. With the play pen being the source of several injuries and anxiousness on the part of the parent, the foam play spot, which can easily be rolled onto the floor and back to its stow-area, is the new ‘hotspot’ indulgence for your cute baby girl.

Baby Percussion Set

Do you want to turn your tiny tot into a rock star? Get her a Baby Percussion Set replete with a pair of drums, keyboard instruments, the guitar and many other kinds of sound equipment depending on which brand you decide to invest in. Sure, turning her room into a miniature hall might be very appealing to you, as proud parents; however, you shall have the budget to think about. If you can afford the complete set, great, go for it!

Chewable Rubber Blocks

Building blocks are again, a staid common plaything in every toddler’s home. But, when you decide to gift your little girl chewable rubber blocks, you are foraying into an entirely new experience that you girl will savor and bask in for a major part of her growing years. Not only can she turn architect and build mansions, gardens and other monuments with her blocks, but also chew on them, without adverse health effects, when she feels like doing so.

Hooded Towels

Turn your baby girl’s dreaded bathing time into fun-time with the lure of letting her stay in the hooded towels you’ll gift her for Christmas. It’ll warm her during the winters and the snow as much as it’ll warm the cockles of your heart seeing the Gift from the Lord to you safe and tucked away in the tender towel hood.

There are many other gifts you can buy your baby girl for Christmas and these are only the pick of the lot. If you have a girl who’s just starting pre-school an audio alphabet reader would be a great idea, if your tot loves going outdoors, fetching her a little tricycle with side-protection wheels would be a grand gift, and so on. Come on guys, you know your girl better, so go get her a gift that she’ll cherish and grow up with, for Christmas.


Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

Is someone you know expecting a baby girl? If so it’s time to decide what baby shower gift you will purchase to help celebrate the bundle of joy.

Even if you are already a parent, but haven’t had a new baby within the last year or two, it can be quite a daunting task. If you are a parent the best thing to do is ask yourself, what was it that you didn’t receive at your own shower that you wished you would have.

It’s hard to resist buying clothes for a baby girl. Who can resist the cute frilly dresses and adorable tiny shoes? So if you decide to purchase clothes, buy them in different sizes. Baby showers tend to overwhelm parents with newborn clothes that end up never being worn. Selecting several different sizes helps to eliminate this problem.

Great Gift Ideas

  • Boppy feeding and infant support pillow – Whether the mom-to-be plans on breast feeding or formula, these pillows are an invaluable must have.
  • Teething toys – This is often a neglected gift idea, but once those teeth start coming in the new parents will be infinitely grateful.
  • Baby Bjorn Soft Bib – These make meal times much easier. The large pocket catches food and can save on clean up as well as laundry.
  • Diaper Dekor – The hands free diaper pail.
  • Swaddle blankets – These are an essential for new babies. Consider the weather when the baby will be born when purchasing. They come in different thicknesses there are even ones that work in car seats, swings, and bouncers.
  • Photo frames – The new parents will need cute frames to display new pictures of the new baby.
  • Diapers – Make sure you get a few sizes and avoid newborn size as they will quickly outgrow them.

Most people focus on buying for the new baby. Wouldn’t it be nice to pamper mom a little? There are many products on the market to make life easier and more comfortable for the glowing mom-to-be.

Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-be

  • Snoogle total body pillow – Trying to get comfortable when you are pregnant is not an easy task. With the Snoogle mom can get in a comfortable position AND stay that way.
  • Massage Gift Certificate – Pamper mom with a great massage. You can always throw in a pedicure or foot massage to help soothe mom’s achy feet.
  • Pregnancy skin care creams – There are many products to prevent stretch marks among many other things available on the market.
  • Tummy tattoos or henna – Let the mom have some fun with her belly.
  • Maternity Photo Session – What mom wouldn’t want the beautiful moments of pregnancy captured forever?

Many items on the list of essentials are needed for both girls and boys. When all else fails, purchase something on the baby registry. Those are items you know are wanted, so you can’t go wrong. If you are a parent with any items you couldn’t live without, pass along your wisdom with a great gift you already know is useful.