Baby Girl Gift Baskets

Welcoming a female bundle of joy is always a merry occasion, and what better than gifting the proud parents, a pretty baby girl gift basket, in multiple shades of pink? Not only is the idea unique and thoughtful, it can also be practically useful and save the new daddy a lot of shopping trips, depending on which gift basket you choose to present the tiny tot.

Baby Girl Gift Basket Ideas

You can either shop for a baby girl gift basket at several Departmental Stores and Kid Malls, available in exquisite varieties, or design your own gourmet gift basket with things that the baby girl might probably need. Putting up a personalized gift basket is a lot of hard work, but in the end, the gesture is appreciated and you’ll be happy to have gifted something of value, instead of sending across clichéd gifts like flowers, cookies, and baby girl apparel.
Do you want help in putting up your own gift basket? Read on for unique and exotic baby girl gift basket ideas.

Simple Cute Baby Girl Gift Baskets

A simple basket can be presented if the girl is barely a few months old. The basket has to be done in pink, without exception, for it to look trendy and adorable. You can put diapers, baby socks, little towels, toiletries, baby oil, a tiny comb, a woven sweater, booties, a rubber ducky, and maybe a cute dress with a hood, into the basket. The basket can be elegantly decorated with ribbons, netted cloth, and a personalized message for the baby (that she can read later when she grows up) and the proud parents.

Exotic Baby Girl Gift Baskets With Toys

You’d want to show how much you love your little girl by gifting her, a baby girl basket replete with toys, stuffed dolls, and playthings. Include all kinds of toys for her to play with. You can put in cute cuddly panda bears, building blocks, rattles for her curious hands to be busy, Disney Princess toys, animal toys, Kitchen Sets to bring out the homemaker in her, and maybe a few Ninjas too. Do not forget to include the Barbie.

Gourmet Baby Girl Educational Gift Baskets

For girls between two to four years of age, you can include gifts like a slate with magic pens, the alphabet and number reader, audio CDs, a touch screen language learner, and a few drawing books. Educational toys are great learning tools for a child. Try accommodating a few edutainment toys in the baby girl basket too.

Haute Couture Baby Girl Gift Baskets

A baby girl aged three and above will know and appreciate the importance of coordinated clothes, accessories and pretty pink purses. Gift her beautiful baby girl gift baskets with trendy apparel and watch her face glow as she tries out various nail-colors, and struts about in her suave flip-flops. You can include designer wear, hair bands, cute clips, and trendy footwear to complete the gift basket.
Sure enough, baby girl gift baskets are great ways to show new parents that you care for their baby bundle of joy. Go ahead, take the time to figure out which kind of basket you’d prefer gifting and start assorting items to include in them. Be sure to have them color coordinated.

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