Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Newborn Girl

Most of the people have a tough time deciding what to buy for a newborn. Our Top-Ten newborn gift ideas are listed below.

Diapers and Diaper Cakes: Diapers are one thing a newborn baby girl would require in large numbers. Therefore, this would make an amazing newborn gift. You can also buy baby diaper cake  to welcome the little girl and delight the new parents.

Crib Sheets: Presenting the little baby girl with a few personalized crib sheets is another great idea. There are many online stores are ready to engrave the name of the baby on the baby items. You could get a few crib sheets with the baby girl’s name engraved on it.

Stroller: Another good idea is to gift a stroller to the new parents. You can also fill the stroller with some toys, bibs and other useful stuff.

Unique Newborn Gift Hamper: You could present the new parents with a unique and personalized newborn gift hamper. You can choose a beautiful basket from a departmental store and fill it with the items a newborn baby girl needs most.

Newborn Baby Clothing: You can easily find some of the finest clothes and apparel for the little girl. They make great gifts for new mommies and daddies. Choose from layette sets, baby girl shirts, sweat suits, socks to one piece suits, cashmere hoodies.

Newborn Baby Toys: Another great gift idea is to gift newborn toys to the new parents.  A toy for a newborn should be soft and cuddly, the reason being that it is not only safe but also comfortable for the baby girl. Toys suitable for new born babies include soft toys without fur that are made especially for babies, blocks made of fabric, musical toys whose sounds are of low frequency and cute bath toys.

Newborn Baby Crib and Bedding: This is a perfect gift for little girl and mom. A new little girl will need a baby girl crib bedding to sleep well and with comfort.

Newborn Baby Gift Baskets: The newborn baby gift baskets come with many items such as stuffed animals, baby lotions, soft clothing, layette sets and much more. You can also get a personalized gift basket,  if you know the little girl’s name.

 Keepsakes: A keepsake gift for a new addition to the family is also a great gift idea. You can present a personalized keepsake and new parents will love that you have taken the time and put so much thought into these great gifts.

Baby Books  Videos and Music: Baby books, videos and music are great gifts fort he little girl. A collection of lullabies and colorful books will expand the mind of the little one and enhance baby’s focus.

You can also browse our checklist for newborns.


Top Toy Gifts for Baby Girls

Toys are perfect gifts for baby girls and if you are looking for a toy to give as a gift for a friend or family member’s baby there are many choices. Toys are not just for fun most toys helps baby to learn, discover her senses, develop new skills and learn cause and effect relationships. Good toys stimulate a baby’s senses, help baby develop motor skills, imagination, social skills and entertain the baby. A little one is keen to learn about new things, and there are lots to learn. Each item with different function, color, shape and sound is a great learning opportunity for them. Toys with bright contrasting colors and sound are favorites of babies.Here are our top toy gift ideas for baby girls.

Snuggle Pods

Snuggle Pods are great toys for little girls. Babies will love playing with their own baby doll. It is great for early development of nurturing skills.

Baby Dolls

Give the little baby girl a baby doll to love and take care of! There are many options of baby dolls for you to choose from. You must choose a soft, huggable baby doll if you are buying it for an infant or toddler girl. There are dolls that will keep the baby entertained with giggles and songs, if you have chance look for unusual ones.

Activity Books

Encourage little girl to love reading by giving her an activity book. It is never too early for a baby to learn.
This gift could offer many hours of fun for the baby and her parents. There are many different types available which can spur the baby’s interest through bright colors and cute pictures, and even with music.

Stacking and Nesting Toys

Stacking and Nesting Toys teach the baby to recognize colors, shape, size, sort and count.  They will develop baby’s matching and counting skills and help building creativity and imagination. These are great gifts for toddler girls.

Push toys

Push toys are great gifts for babies at around 9 to 12 months. Push toys give the baby a chance to exercise her new walking skills.

Musical toys and Toy Instruments

Babies are never too young for music so musical toys are another great gift idea for baby girls. All babies and toddlers need creative music play and music toys for their development.
Give her a small drum or a toy piano and watch how she enjoys. These toys also teach eye-hand coordination. So give her a chance to sing and dance!

Stuffed and Plush Toys

Every baby loves plush toys or stuffed animals. These toys come in a variety of textures, which provide a way for babies to learn through their sense of touch. These are classic toys that allow baby to use her imagination during play.

Play Gyms and Play Mats

Play gyms and mats make great baby gifts. They offer baby girl a fun time even before she is able to sit up and they encourage reaching, lifting the head and sitting up. Play gyms and mats also help the baby to learn cause and effect.

Swings and bouncers

Baby swings and bouncers are great gifts for newborns. Not only do the babies love them but parents also enjoy. Most of the models keep the baby occupied with music, things that light up and gentle bouncing.

Tips for Buying Baby Toys

If you’re buying a toy for a gift, pay close attention to the age range on the package.

Read carefully the manufacturers age recommendations for their toys’ before buying a toy for any baby.

Toy may not be appropriate for younger children because:

  • The toy may have small parts that could become a choking hazard.
  • The toy may require skills like reading, counting which babies will develop later.
  • The toy may require the baby to manipulate small parts, which can be very difficult for little ones.
  • The toy, game or puzzle may require turn-taking or physical skills like jumping, running that little babies have not mastered yet.

Baby Toy Selection According to Age

Birth to 1 year old

At this age baby learns about his environment by using all 5 senses and she also learn cause and effect.

  •  Teething toys
  •  Mobiles and safety mirrors
  •  Rattles
  •  Stacking toys
  •  Picture books
  •  Musical toys
  •  Squeeze toys
  •  Infant swings
  •  Stuffed and Plush Toys

1 to 3 years old

At this age strong curiosity in manipulating and problem solving with objects begins.

  • Push-pull toys
  • Ride-on toys
  • Small tricycles and wagons
  • Simple puzzles, shape sorters, peg boards
  • Large lacing beads
  • Blocks, stacking rings
  • Picture books, coloring books
  • Baby Dolls

First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

Need some great first birthday gift ideas for a baby girl then browse our ideas for your special little girl’s celebrations.

A baby’s first birthday is a very special occasion. One-year-old babies just begin walking, saying their first words, eating solid foods and playing, so there are plenty of items to give them. Educational toys, pretend play toys, practical items and clothes, make great gifts for a baby girl who is turning 1.

Here we have some ideas for you to find the best first birthday gifts for the little baby girl.

Puzzles and Interactive Toys

Puzzles and interactive toys are fun and educational gifts for a one year old baby girl. Choose plush and less complex ones that are appropriate for a one year old girl.

Pretend Play Toys

A 1-year-old girl will soon be interested in pretend play and imitate her parents. Some good ideas of pretend play toys are, dolls with a toy cradle, toy phones, toy kitchen sets or dollhouses.

Bath Toys and Bath Items

At one year old, many toddler girls begin to enjoy bathing. So you can get her a gift basket that helps her love bath time even more. Floating rubber duckies, a fluffy pink towel, organic bath sets make great gifts.


The first birthday is such an important milestone for the little girl and her parents so help parents remember it for years to come with a cute keepsake gift.

Clothes for a Little Girl

Most 1 year old girls are just learning to walk or crawling, so they stain their clothes easily, requiring frequent changes. So giving 1 year old clothes is another perfect gift idea.

Push Toys

A push toy is great for helping out with learning to walk for a girl around the age of 12 months.

Creativity Building Toys

Coloring books, toy musical instruments are great gifts for one year old babies.


Picture Frames for Baby Girls

You might be looking for a great gift for a friend’s baby for as a first birthday gift, or to give as a celebration for a newborn, or you want to give your granddaughter a gift that she will always remember. If you think the parents will get many baby stuff like layette sets, toys, and blankets you can consider giving a baby picture frame! Baby photo frames are very useful, usually are not expensive and suitable for almost any occasion.
Babies grow up so fast and the proud parents always want to keep a journal of their baby’s milestones. Even small developments are very exciting for the parents so they will always need a photo album or a picture frame.
They want to remember the first smile, first crawl, first walk and other cute events like first birthday and first Christmas of their little baby. So gifting a picture frame will help them keep track of every development and when they look at it they will remember you.  Picture frames are also relatively cheap comparing to other gifts like diaper cakes, toys so  they are one of the best gift  ideal for tight budgets too.

Why Picture Frames are Perfect Gifts

  • There are picture frames for every budget.
  • Frames are useful and for most parents an ideal gift is an item that can really use.
  • They are appropriate for any occasion.
  • They can be purchased online and there are countless options.
  • Picture frames are easy to customize and personalize.

There are lots of different themed picture frames with a wide variety of designs you can choose; here are some options for you.

Baby’s First Year Picture Frames

A baby’s first year picture frame is great gift for first birthdays so that parents can look the last year and pick out the very best moments of their baby.  First year picture frames will never be out of fashion.

Digital Picture Frames

Digital picture frames are another option. One of the best things with digital picture frames are you can easily personalize the frame before you give. You can load photos of the baby or parents onto the frame or you can load some funny pictures to make them smile. With most of the models you can even add music.

Silver Plated Baby Picture Frames

A silver plated picture frame is another great baby gift and will be appreciated by the parents. A frame with cute patterns like hearts and roses may be good for little girls.

You can find and purchase picture frames with different quality, shapes and sizes to match every budget at online stores.


Best Christmas Gifts for a Baby Girl

Do you want to find the best baby Christmas gifts for your baby or a baby girl you know? For babies, Christmas is a very special occasion, so we all want to make sure to celebrate it perfectly and remember it with great memories. If you want to make this Christmas special for the baby, parents and yourself, gifting presents that will cherish them is the best way.

There are some important things to consider when shopping for a baby’s Christmas gift. The first most important factor is the age of the little one. The baby might be just a month old or she might be 2 years old and it makes a great difference.

Choose useful baby gifts that can be used by parents and avoid clothes for infants, and baby toy gifts, for older ones, but there are countless other wonderful Christmas gifts that are perfect for older babies if you know a little about the child. If you’re still not sure, just select a gift that is appropriate for any age, like a play gym or a swing. Sometimes a gift like a keepsake or a musical box is the perfect choice for Christmas, it does not require knowing lot about the child and family, buy yet it is a gift that becomes a treasure for the baby by time.

Here are some pages with the top baby gift ideas for Christmas 2020.

The best practice is, to buy presents that the recipient parent wants or needs, like baby gear they need for the baby, a furniture for the nursery or a Christmas outfit/costume for their little baby but how do we know what they need or more important, what the little baby hopes to receive. If the parent is a close friend, it is best to ask for some idea, but you are not close enough or want it to be a surprise, think about the baby’s needs. In fact, they are straightforward; just think about anything relating to sleeping, eating, or playing than cross out very basics that the parents probably already have tons of them.  So you must be a little bit creative and take your time choosing to make it a thoughtful and special gift. Do not forget every baby loves gifts!


Best Nursery Furniture Baby Cribs and Crib Mattresses

When parents expecting a new child into their family, they will usually think about selecting versatile furniture for their nursery, though they will probably overwhelmed by all the things they will need to buy. Therefore it is a great idea to gift some baby furniture to welcome their new little one.  If you choose carefully, it’ll be a great gift that they remember through many years.

Choose pieces of furniture that can be used from infant to toddler years. You could buy products that make decorating sense, however, unless you know the parent’s decision and taste avoid buying key or big items.

Baby Cribs

Your little baby will call her crib home for many months so the most important choice of nursery furniture is a good baby crib. Babies probably spend more time in their crib than anywhere else, so both comfort and safety is important.  The selection will affect your baby for a long time, so it is an important decision that needs to be made carefully.

There are many affordable options online for quality baby cribs but before buying one there are several things to consider:
Slats: A baby crib should have slats that are close enough together to prevent baby’s head from slipping through, or getting stuck, which is very common. The distance between the crib slats must be smaller than 2 3/8” (in).

Stability: Give the crib a good shake at the store or after you put it together at home to test if everything is placed and fixed properly.

Standard frame size: The crib dimensions should allow you to snugly place a standard mattress for cribs.


Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls | Not So Terrible Twos

We have some great ideas for perfect gifts for 2 year old girls and boys.
Two- year- olds are many times called the “Terrible Twos”, but they don’t have to be terrible if you find good gifts that will funnel their energy and keep their attention.

A 2-year-old is full of curiosity.  As she learns to walk better, she’ll want toys that she can pull, push, or drag behind her, like a pull-toy doggy or miniature shopping cart.  At two a child can open doors, is learning to jump, hop, and skip, and can brush her teeth with a little help.  She will begin to be interested in playing with other children.
Two-year-olds want to be challenged.  A child of this age loves symbolic play.  A couch becomes a car complete with engine noise and a table covered with an old sheet becomes a secret cave or hideout.  Too much television can hinder the development of her imagination and the ability to think for herself.  Kids who play make-believe are happier children.  So give them gifts that will encourage their make-believe world.

Here is our list of good gifts for 2 year olds:


A toddler will love her tricycle.  It makes her feel independent as she learns to pedal and can ride down the sidewalk all by herself (with Mommy or Daddy watching close by).  Choose one with a wide stable base, shiny, and brightly colored. Maybe add some tassels to the handlebars so that she feels like a big kid.  Many tricycles offer seats that adjust to the child, and some have storage under the seat.  A detachable handle in the back of some models, allows the parent to push when the child becomes tired.


With the classic little red wagon the 2 year old can enjoy the ride back from the park or around the block with Mom or Dad doing the work.  With smaller plastic wagons, the child can pull it around the yard herself giving her dolls a ride.  Or maybe she will want to just sit in it and make believe it is a car, a boat, or a magic carpet.

Art supplies

A 2 year old likes to scribble and can draw a line.  Give her own little craft table or artist easel.  A gift set with markers, crayons, watercolors, and construction paper will make her eyes sparkle.  But make sure all of the supplies are nontoxic and washable.
Play dough is great for kids.  They can let their imagination go wild.  Cookie cutters are fun to use to shape the colored dough.

Play kitchen

Play kitchens are great gifts for 2 year old girls and boys. She will love playing with plastic foods, pots, and spoons. Place the play kitchen in the real kitchen so that your child can watch and imitate you as you prepare dinner.
Pretend that you are at a restaurant. Give the child an apron or chef’s hat and let her pretend to cook a meal for you.  Or put a blanket or beach towel on the floor and pretend to be on a picnic with all of her stuffed toys and dolls.
Make sure that all of the pieces in the play kitchen are large enough to prevent choking and have no sharp edges.

Sand box and Sand toys

Children love playing in a sandbox and it makes a great outside gift.  Make sure that it has a secure cover to keep the sand clean.  With a shovel and pail she can make sand castles or roads for her toy cars.  Try teaching her to write her alphabet in the sand. A great gift would be a dump truck or truck with a front shovel.  She’ll have a lot of fun filling her truck with sand and then dumping it out again. See latest sand toys.


Books are good gifts for any age child, but two year olds want more than a baby book with just a few words on each page. They are ready for a more complicated story.  They love to have stories read to them, especially at bedtime.  Some 2 year olds are even advanced enough to read a few words on their own.  Try “Hop on Pop” by Dr. Seuss, “Harry the Dirty Dog” by Gene Zion, and the “Berenstain Bears” series by Stan and Jan Berenstain.
Encourage your child to add on to the story or tell one of her own.  Telling stories is a good way to learn to communicate and practice new words.

Bath toys

There are a lot of cool bath time toys.  Choose brightly colored rubber animals or fish that float and squirt.  Toy boats can be sailed around the tub propelled by her splashing or blowing.  Another nice gift would be a draining tray that fits across the tub or a mesh bag to hang from the faucets and hold all of the bath toys.

Large construction blocks

Blocks are perfect gifts for 2 year olds.  A toddler is learning new skills of sorting and stacking.   She can see how many blocks she can stack up before her tower falls down.  She can learn her colors and shapes by sor

ting them into matching piles.  Make sure the blocks are large enough so that the child can not fit them into her mouth or up her nose.  Small objects could be a choking hazard.

Sorting Games

A card game with pictures of different objects (fruits, animals, colors, numbers, etc.) is fun.  Ask your child to separate the cards.  What color are they?  Which objects are in the house?  Which are at the store?  Young kids learn about their world through sorting.

Pull toys

Pull toys help a child develop her walking ability and equilibrium.  She will love pulling the toy along if it plays music or has sound effects.  Give her a doggy with a wagging tail, a quacking duck, or a snapping alligator.  There are hundreds of pull toys available, so pick one that appeals to you, and your 2 year old will be sure to love it.


2 year olds delight in an intellectual challenge.  She will learn shapes and colors as she works on her puzzle gift.  Pick a wooden animal puzzle. Or choose a United States map puzzle, and she will learn geography.

Musical Toys

2 year olds can sing simple songs.  They love to move to music.  Great gifts for 2 year old girls or boys are CDs or videos of silly songs for children.  Get a musical band set with a tambourine, bell, and small drum.    This will be her favorite gift.


Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls | Little Actor Threes

Do you need some ideas for perfect gifts for 3 year old girls or boys?  We have some great gift ideas for you.
Three year olds are little actors and love role playing.  They can pretend to be a teacher, a doctor, an astronaut, or even a mommy.  They love to dress-up and wear funny hats.  They like to pretend and use their imagination.  They are more in control of their bodies now.  Some are shy and do not talk much and some are constant chatterboxes.  Three year olds like doing simple crafts and doing new things.

Here are some ideal gifts for 3 year olds that they will love:

Play sets

Three-year-olds love to pretend, and a playset is perfect for their imagination.  Farm sets come with a barn, animals, and a toy farmer.  Firehouse sets have fire engines, firemen, and even a Dalmatian dog.  Automobile garage sets have toy cars, mechanics, ramps to drive around and a lift to raise the car up. Sit down on the floor and join her in her playtime.

Doll Houses

A doll house is a great gift for your 3-year-old.  Some doll houses are very fancy and expensive, but a toddler will do best with a simpler doll house with unbreakable furniture and a miniature family of dolls.  She will spend hours rearranging the furniture, making the dolls walk up the stairs, and putting them all to bed.

Art kits

All a beginning artist needs is some art supplies and some encouragement.  Art kits are wonderful gifts for 3-year-olds.  Choose one that includes markers and crayons (washable are best), small paintbrushes, watercolors, finger paints, blunt-edged scissors, glue, and construction paper. Or make your own kit by filling a plastic lunchbox with the art supplies.  Give her some old magazines, newspapers, or Christmas cards.  She can cut out and paste the pictures onto her artwork.  Or let her try macaroni art, gluing dry macaroni onto construction paper to make colorful placemats.

Construction toys

Blocks of natural wood are the old favorites.  Shiny plastic blocks add a spark of color. 3 year olds are ready for pieces that fit together.  Try a set of large Legos, Duplo blocks or Lincoln logs.  Let them build whatever they can imagine.
Some three year olds will enjoy a tool set with a plastic hammer, wrench, and measuring tape.  Or give them a wooden pounding bench and let them pound the pegs through the holes with a wooden mallet.

Dress-up box

Little girls and boys will love a dress-up box.  Fill it with fancy outfits, old shoes, and hats. You can buy dress- up kits pre-assembled, but it is more fun to use Mom’s old prom dresses and Dad’s old ties.  Go to the thrift store or garage sales and buy some funny old clothes. Get some big funny glasses.  Throw in some sparkly shoes, but don’t get heels too high.  Let the kids put on a fashion show for you.  They will love the attention.


Encourage your child’s love of books.  Take her to the book store and let her pick out a book to buy.  My children always looked forward to these trips and were extra well behaved anticipating their next book purchase.  A person can never have too many books and a love of reading will help them do better when they go to school.  Some good books for 3 year olds are “Clifford, the Big Red Dog! “  by Norman Bridwell, the “Madeline” series by Ludwig Bemelmans, and “Bunnicula” by Deborah and James Howe.

Doctor’s kits

A 3-year-old has been to the doctor several times by now and will love pretending to be the doctor or nurse.  Doctor’s kits usually come with a black case filled with a toy stethoscope, thermometer, a fake syringe, and candy pills.  Make sure to keep your real prescriptions locked in the medicine cabinet.  They are not for play.  Playing doctor will be even more fun if you volunteer to be the patient.

Memory, counting, and matching games

Memory, counting, and matching games will stimulate your 3-year-old’s brainpower.  Try games such as “I Never Forget a Face” (a memory game) or “The Ladybug Game” (a counting game).  Other funs games for 3 year olds include the old favorites “Candy Land”, “Chutes and Ladders”, and “Cootie”.


Puzzles encourage skills in problem solving and abstract thinking. Choose easy puzzles with a few big, colorful pieces with pictures of animals, or cartoon characters.  Wooden puzzles last longer than the cardboard kind.  Watch her fill with pride when she completes the puzzle all by herself.

Beauty set

Little girls are fascinated watching Mommy fix her hair or put on makeup.  Give her a set with lipstick, blush, hair rollers, comb, and brush.  Children love to watch themselves in the mirror.  Give her a big hand-held mirror and she will feel like a big girl.

Dress-up dolls

3 year olds love to dress and undress their dolls and themselves.  Give her a doll that teaches zippers, buttons, snaps, and ties.  Show her how to tie her doll’s shoes.  Soon she will be able to tie her own shoes, although that will take a lot of practice and patience.

Playground toys

The perfect outdoor gifts for 3 year olds are playground sets.  What fun to play on the swings, slide, monkey bars, and teeter-totter and they are getting exercise too.  The swing will be her favorite, especially if you give her a push.   Playground sets will be a source of fun for her and her friends for years to come.

Musical Toys

At this age, you might consider getting your child a CD player of her own.  Child-proof players come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  She will feel like a big girl with Music of her own.
Or get a play microphone and she can pretend to be a rock star.  Let your children put on musical shows on a make-believe stage.  You will be surprised by how talented and inventive your child can be.


Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls | Imaginative Ones

Whether you are looking for the perfect gifts for 1 year old girls or boys, we have some great ideas for you.
A child of one is very imaginative.  Your toddler is learning about her world and developing new skills every day.  She loves to play peek-a-boo.  She laughs when you sing itsy-bitsy spider and tries to do the motions with you.  She is experimenting with her environment.  She thinks she is a big girl and is constantly mimicking the adults around her: pushing her toy lawn mower when Daddy cuts the grass or calling Grandma with her toy phone like Mommy on her cell phone.   She loves pretend games.
At one a child may be standing up holding onto the furniture.  She may even be walking on her own.  She starts out jabbering and soon is saying “Dada” and “Mama”.  She understands more words than she can say.  She waves goodbye and loves to play patty-cake.   She takes her doll, bear, or blanket everywhere with her.  Everything goes into her mouth at this age, so make sure there are no small pieces on any of her toys.  They could become a choking hazard.

Here are some ideas of great gifts for 1 year olds (Click pictures to see them at

Soft Doll or Stuffed Animal

This can be her best friend and she will take it everywhere.  A soft cloth doll or bear is better than hard plastic.  Make sure there are no eyes, noses, or other pieces that could come off.   Children love to dress and undress their dolls.  She may even try to feed it or give it a bath, so it is best if her new friend is washable.


Building blocks (wooden or brightly colored plastic) are a great way to develop your child’s motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  Show her how to build a tall tower and then laugh together when you knock them down again.  She will love it and will do it over and over again.  Blocks with colors or numbers can also be used to teach these skills.  Be sure that there are no sharp corners or small pieces.

Nesting and Stacking Toys

A 1 year old child can be fascinated by stacking empty containers or playing with bowls that nest inside each other, as many mothers can attest having entertained their toddler with the household plastic food storage containers or measuring cups.  Nesting toys are great gifts for 1 year olds.   Look for a nesting toy that is sturdily constructed and has bright colors or patterns.  This kind of toy can be used to teach the concepts of “inside”, “outside”, and “on top”.

Push or Riding Toys

Another group of good gifts for 1 year olds are push toys.  Your baby is just learning to walk and will love pushing a child-sized plastic grocery cart with plastic foods or the old-time favorite corn popper around the house.  It will give extra support as she practices her walking skills.
One year olds also love riding and bouncing toys.  Pick a small riding car for him or a bouncing pony for her.  Make sure it is not too wide or tall for your child’s legs.

Toy Phones

Toy phones are great for the imaginative 1 year old.  Watch when every time you talk on the phone, your toddler will pretend to talk on hers too.  When your child picks up her phone, get yours too and have a pretend conversation. Your child will love it and she is gaining verbal skills as well.

Feeding Supplies

1-year-olds can now eat finger foods and solids. They will feel like big girls and boys with their own set of Sippy-cups, bowls, and spoons.  Choose a colorful set decorated with cartoon characters and make sure that they are non-breakable.

Shape Sorters

Shape Sorters are a fun way to teach a child about shapes and matching.  Getting the right shape through the matching hole is a great accomplishment for kids.  It teaches them problem-solving skills while having an enjoyable time.

Noisemaker Toys

Toddlers love to dance and move to the music.  They love to make noise.  If you want to make a 1-year-old happy, give her any toy that plays music, beeps, or bangs.  Many electronic and expensive toys are available.  Or you can go the simple way instead — give her a small drum or a tambourine and watch the fun.  Another good idea is a CD or Video of children’s songs.

Savings Bond

Investing in a savings bond is a good and practical gift that will provide a child with a tidy sum when she is older.  A Christmas or birthday gift of a savings bond will be appreciated by the child and her parents even more when it is time for college.

Bath Toys

Bath time is fun time. There are many great gifts for 1 year old girls and boys for the toddler’s bath time.   Find terrycloth animal bath mitts or wash cloths and soap shaped like fish.  Rubber ducky and floating boats will make your child love the tub.   A little girl will get extra clean while she washes her bath time doll’s hair.


Kids love books and they love for you to read them a story.   Choose board books that will last, with bright colors.  Books with parts that can be felt or touched such as “Pat the Bunny” by Dorothy Kunhardt are a good choice.  Children like stories with funny repetitive words such as “Go Dog Go” or “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss.  At 1 year old she can turn the pages of a book herself and will try to read to herself stories that you have already read to her.


Large chunky wooden puzzles with only a few pieces are perfect gifts for 1 year olds.  Some have handles on each piece so that little hands can put them in place.  Puzzles with animals, colors, or shapes are good teaching tools because you can repeat the name of the object as the child puts in the puzzle piece.   Or say “Find the dog (cat, cow, etc.)” and your child can find the correct piece.