Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor



This review, shows everything we have learned about our new MBP36. Motorola’s MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor has an impressive range of up to 200 meters with an out of range warning, allowing you to move around the house or yard comfortably, knowing you will hear when your little baby is awake.

 Motorola MBP36

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The MBP36 has infrared night vision option that allows you see what happens in room without any lights and you can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely which allows you can see everything in great detail on its 3.5 inch screen. The resolution at night is awesome so that you can see your baby breathing.

Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

Motorola MBP36

What’s more, it allows two-way communication for being able to speak or sing to your little one remotely, or to communicate with a partner in the room.

It also allow you to monitor the room temperature which is displayed on the screen to ensure that room temperature is not too cold or hot.

With Motorola MBP36 you can adjust the volume up loud to hear every little move or put the volume down low to only wake when your baby cries loudly. You can also see loudness of the baby’s cry from the light indicator on top.

MBP36 Night Vision

Motorola MBP36 Night Vision

Motorola MBP36 Wall Mounting

Motorola MBP36 Wall Mounting


Main Featuress

  • 3.5-inch TFT LCD Screen
  • Operating Frequency 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz
  • Extended secure wireless range (450Ft)
  • Infrared Night vision camera
  • Lullaby player
  • Belt clip
  • Sound-activated lights
  • Temperature indicator
  • Out of Range warning
  • Sleep mode and audio only battery saver
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable battery pack



Motorola ExtraAdditional Camera for Motorola MBP36

Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor




  • Great picture and audio quality.
  • Very Good range.
  • Easy to use functions.
  • Tilt/pan/zoom is very silent.
  • Night vision mode casts no visible light from the monitor.
  • Microphone ans speakers are clear.
  • Temperature monitor is accurate.
  • Extra cameras available. (Check Here)


  • Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor supports up to four cameras but it appears very difficult to purchase additional cameras. (Now Available at Amazon ).

Our Review, Motorola MBP36

This is a awesome baby monitor with lots of useful features. Motorola used the latest technology in the Motorola MBP36 and it is the best baby monitor in the market. So we highly recommend this baby monitor and I really worth the money.See current price here.

Just read a few of these reviews here by parents and you will have an idea if this baby monitor is suitable for you and your baby.



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Baby Monitor Shopping Tips

Effective Range?
If you live in a large house, check products with a range suitable for your house.

Check out the return policy
Before buying or registering for a baby monitor, be sure you can return or exchange it in case you can not get rid of interference or other problems.

Video or Audio?
Decide whether you want an audio-only monitor or an audio/video model that lets you see as well as hear your baby.

Visual Indicators for loudness?
Look for monitors with visual indicators (LEDS) that let you know when your baby is awake.

Consider digital baby monitors over analog ones. Digital monitors encode their signals (with usually unique keys), so that you can be sure the sounds and images transmitted are received only by you and not by neighbors who might have a similar model.

Check return policies
Before buying or registering for a baby monitor (or any wireless product), be sure you can return or exchange it in case you can’t get rid of interference or other problems. Just keep the receipt and the original packaging.

Consider other wireless gizmos
Any wireless device–analog or digital–can interfere with other wireless devices, such as a cordless phone, speakers, or home router. To solve the problem, first try changing the channel on your baby monitor or on your router. If you still have interference and you can’t return the monitor, try keeping other devices as far away from your baby monitor as possible.

Types of Monitors

Audio monitors: These baby monitors transmit only sound. Usually they have multiple channels to minimize interference, a low-battery indicator, and volume control. There are audio baby monitors that have a portable receiver that can be clipped on and taken wherever you go.

Video monitors: These monitors allow you to actually see and hear your child on its screen or on a TV screen. Some monitors utilize infrared night vision technology that allows you to see the baby, even in total darkness.
Today’s most baby monitors have a special LED indicator that allows you to view the sound level. In addition to standard baby monitor features, most have an out-of-range signal light, too which is a very important feature.

Safety Tips

  • Do not use a baby monitor to justify leaving your child alone while playing that parental supervision is essential.
  • Do not place near water. As with any electrical gadget, baby monitors present shock hazards if misused.
  • Always follow product instructions manual on placement and usage of baby monitors.
  • Remember to place the monitor up high where other children and baby cannot disturb it.


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