Safety Gates

Baby Safety GatesOnce a baby gets mobile, she will be able to make her way into all sorts of places and it is almost impossible to stop a determined little girl, the only solution is a safety gate which is a physical barrier that keeps the baby within a safe zone in your home to keep her away from dangerous places like stairs or balcony.
There are mainly two types of gates available; hardware-mounted gates that you attach to surrounding walls or door frames with screws, and pressure-mounted gates that rely on pressure to stay in place.
Hardware-mounted models are usually more difficult to assemble than pressure-mounted gates but they’re sturdier and safer.
Pressure mounted safety gates refer to the method that the gate is installed into its position.  Installation does not require any mounting hardware, drilling and screwing into the adjacent surface.

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What to look for when buying a Safety Gate

  • Does the gate swing open easily? Most hardware-mounted gates swing open easily, but some pressure-mounted basic models are hard to open. Choose a gate that is easy to open and close.
  • Is the design safe? Avoid older, accordion-style gates that open to form large diamond-shaped gaps.  They are NOT SAFE.
  • Are the vertical slats properly spaced? If the gate has vertical slats, be sure that they are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. A baby could get his head trapped in a larger gap, leading to strangulation.
  • Is the gate safety-certified? Be sure that the baby gate you are considering to buy have an American Society for Testing and Materials/JPMA certification on the packaging.
  • Does the gate fit your home? Is it large enough or do you have enough space?
  • Price? Prices for safety gates vary widely depending on size, material, design type and quality but they are usually priced from about $40 to several hundred dollars.

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