Diaper Cakes for Baby Girls

Giving a diaper cake for a baby girl is a great choice of gift.  They are  not only decorative, but also  very functional as well. A diaper cake typically contains diapers,   stuffed animals, bibs, baby powder, baby oil and clothing.

Diaper cakes are usually made from disposable diapers but they can also be made from cloth diapers. They can be as simple as several tiers of rolled diapers stacked in the form of a cake and decorated with ribbon or they can be elegant and covered with baby items like booties, diaper covers, baby bottles, and personalized feeding utensils.

Pink Diaper Cakes for Girls

Pink is the traditional color for baby girls  and you can find several  pink diaper cakes easily,  in fact finding another color can be difficult. With a cute stuffed animal toy,  some baby items, and some essentials, here are some great options for the little girl.

Stuffed Toy Diaper Cakes for Baby Girls

Pink stuffed animals are always good ideas for baby girl diaper cakes. A diaper cake with a huge stuffed animal on it  makes a great gift  for a baby shower.

Ribbon Diaper Cakes for Baby Girls

Ribbon Diaper cakes make also a great centerpiece for baby showers they usually include more diapers and contain less baby items. They are also very easy to make, so if you are thinking about making your own diaper cake this type is recommended!

Fun Diaper Cakes for Girls

Baby Einstein and Tumbleweed diaper cakes are also popular and great diaper cakes for baby girls.


While you can purchase one, another option is making your own diaper cake.
Below links have good tutorials on making your own diaper cake.

How to Make a Diaper Cake

How to make a Diaper Cake Tutorial

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