Best and Worst Gifts for Baby Girls

Here we made a compilation of best and worst gift ideas for a baby girls.
So what are the characteristics of a great gift for a baby girl? Usefulness, price, quality or cuteness let us list the ideas and talk about them one by one.

The Best Gifts for Baby Girls

Photos Frames: This is a classical baby gift. Like all babies, little girls also love pictures of themselves and their parents; you know little children like to show their fathers/mothers on the photo. For a great gift, you can buy a cute photo album and put pictures of her and her family. If you do not have pictures of any family member you can put a cute toy or pet picture which will make the baby giggle.

Toy Blocks: You can gift wooden blocks or soft fabric nesting blocks which are just perfect gifts. Little girls like to play with them, they like to count, sort and stack them again and again tirelessly, while doing those and having fun she will also learn textures, numbers and colors.

Clothes: This is a tricky gift idea, for some they are the best gift for a baby girl; some think they are something you must avoid. In our opinion they are perfect gifts if you know the little girl very well, if you are buying a dress for your baby or granddaughter go for it. But don’t get a lot of newborn sizes; a baby girl won’t fit in a newborn cloth too long.  If you are sure to give clothes, it’s best to ask her parents what size their baby is or what size they need since they should think to use the clothes later.

Books: People are tend to read less or no books these days, but fortunately babies still love to hear their parents to reading them. There are so many great classics that babies like to hear again and again. A set of baby book will just make a great gift.

A Special Day: Best Gifts are not always physical products.  If you want to give your baby a really special gift, plan a special day which includes a small trip to with the baby such as going to an aquarium or to the zoo or a children’s museum.
Musical Toys / Music Cds: Music is incredibly stimulating for little babies so you can gift some CDs with baby music. You can also gift musical toys such as books, soothing animals or toys that make noise or playing lullabies.

Baby gear for the naughty girl: These are gifts for both babies and their parents especially for the busy mother or for the mother with more than one small child. So what are they; these are toys with the ability to keep little girl busy and entertained while her mom can make some work, take care of the other child or have a short rest. Therefore think about giving the mom a baby bouncer or a baby play gym which are perfect for both her and her baby girl.

The Worst Gifts for Baby Girls

Too frustrating toys: Avoid common mistake of buying a colorful but too complex toys or puzzles for her age, she will be stressed with such a gift. In contrast giving a toy too simple for her age will not work too, she will lose interest after a few days. You must select an age appropriate toy for gifting.

Toys that are simply not good for both baby and her mother: Paint sets is a good example of such gifts, parents will not like them since they are messy in the hand of babies. No mother will like surreal paintings on the walls.

Too cheap items no-name brands: A good deal can make you confused, but before buying low priced items, you must know no parent will like her baby use a cheap stroller which is not safe, or a cheap baby monitor with unknown wireless specs. Also, it is very normal the parents are picky about the materials used in the products so do not buy such items.

Very noisy toys: The baby will probably will like this kind of a present but it is hard to say that for her parents. Also these kinds of toys can hurt baby’s ears which are very sensitive so be careful when buying toys with sound.

Small Parts: Choking Hazard! DO NOT BUY any item with small pieces, buttons etc .

Too big items: Think about the recipient’s house,   oversized items can be really problem for her. So don’t buy a heavy and big baby swing or a baby yard if the parents do not have enough space.

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